"Waterfall" Necklace


It was Captain Nakamura, exploring a remote planet in the Argo Sector, who first saw the now legendary Falls of Graukos, whose liquid methane flash freezes each night into new and unique shapes and colours. Alas, the gallant Captain did not survive to report his discovery; the nights there have dangers of which he knew nothing.

We have attempted to provide you some idea of the beauty of the Falls of Graukos in our Waterfall Necklace. Like most of my work, this piece is made of anodized aluminum: it is therefore very light and nickel-free, and will not rust, fade or tarnish. It is available in a wide variety of three-colour schemes: black, green and seafoam; dark blue, light blue and silver; lavender, pink and silver; bronze, gold and champagne; or whatever other combination of colours you would like! I love trying out new colour combinations! Please use the comment field of the order form to indicate your choice of colours. If you leave the comment field blank, we will assume black, green and seafoam. Get it as well in a matched set with the Waterfall Earrings!