"Waterfall" Earrings and Necklace Set


Captain Nakamura and Commander de Luca, reunited at last! The Argo Sector's two most famous liquid methane falls combined! The grandeur of the Falls of Graukos, captured in our Waterfall Necklace, is joined here by the grace of Tull's Cascade, represented by the Waterfall Earrings. Together they offer an extraordinary and exuberant outpouring of style! 

Like most of my work, these pieces are made of anodized aluminum: they are therefore very light and nickel-free, and will not rust, fade or tarnish. They are available in a wide variety of three-colour schemes: black, green and seafoam; dark blue, light blue and silver; lavender, pink and silver; bronze, gold and champagne; or whatever other combination of colours you would like! I love trying out new colour combinations! Please use the comment field of the order form to indicate your choice of colours. If you leave the comment field blank, we will assume black, green and seafoam.