"Dragon's Cross" Necklace


The Viking queen Dagmar Dragonspawn was renowned for being able to best all comers in combat, and also for being able to drink them under the table if combat was not an option. She had, however, a notably short temper concerning clerics, famously brandishing her sword at one while bellowing, “This is the only cross I need!”, and thereby making the sword forever famous as “The Dragon’s Cross”.

This choker takes its inspiration from the chainmail hauberk she is said to have commissioned, one of only a handful full mail shirts in Dragonscale weave believed ever to have been made: the sagas say no knife or sword could penetrate it. Unfortunately Dagmar’s dragon ship was lost at sea during a storm when she was only 54 and neither she nor her sword nor her hauberk were ever seen again.

Like most of my work, these pieces are made of anodized aluminum: they are therefore very light and nickel-free, and will not rust, fade or tarnish. They are available in a wide variety of colours: black and silver is definitely a striking choice for this piece, but I love trying out new colour combinations! Please use the comment field of the order form to indicate your choice of colours. If you leave the comment field blank, we will assume black and silver.