"Amira" Foot Flower


Princess Khaloob, celebrated as only the 14th person in history possessing perfect feet (you do remember who the first one was, yes? Starts with H…?), spent much time in her garden, going barefoot but for a toe-ring-and-ankle chain that scandalized the court, who considered such baubles fit only for slaves. She is less well known for founding the Leopard Kingdom’s first martial arts school open only to women, observing drily that “when a relationship needs a swift kick in the pants, it is well to apply it… accurately”. The incidence of spousal abuse declined dramatically during her reign as regent, and did not rise again until, well, that is a story for another evening.

Like most of my work, this piece is made of anodized aluminum: it is therefore very light and nickel-free, and will not rust, fade or tarnish. As you see, I usually make it in gold, but it is available in a wide variety of other colours if desired: silver, seafoam, black; or combinations of colours such as gold with a red border; or indeed whatever other combination of colours you would like! I love trying out new colour combinations! Please use the comment field of the order form to indicate your choice of colours. If you leave the comment field blank, we will assume gold.