"The Amazon" Bikini Top


Ultimately there came a point in Lady Feistel's career when her adversaries started surrendering at the mere sound of her name. And so she decided to have her armurier create a chainmail top not so much for her defence, but rather just to flatter her figure outrageously, while still reminding all just how dangerous she was with a blade. 

Your Amazon top, like Feistel's, will be individually tailored to your own bust, to provide luxury comfort and the most flattering fit. The rings are small and fat, and painstakingly cut and assembled so that they roll silken-smooth over the skin—also making the top entirely safe to wear in public. And you may choose the colours of your Amazon to suit your own fashion sense.

We evidently cannot go back to ask Lady Feistel if our Amazon measures up to her top. But we like to think she might approve. Elegant and edgy, comfortable and commanding, suave and stunning, The Amazon will dominate everywhere you wear it. There is more information available in this blog post.

Like most of my work, the Amazon top is made of anodized aluminum: it is therefore very light and nickel-free, and will not rust, fade or tarnish. It is available in a wide variety of colour schemes: black, green and seafoam; silver and champagne; black, bronze and gold; lavender, black ice and silver; or whatever other combination of colours you would like! I love trying out new colour combinations! You can use the comment field of the order form to indicate your choice of colours. Upon receipt of your order we will contact you by email to arrange for meaurements.