Store Policies

Shipping Policy

Items ordered ordered here will usually be shipped within a day or two of the order being received; if it is likely to take any longer than that, you will be notified prompty by email of how long it will probably take, and why.

Items are shipped by post, and presently only within North America.  If you would like your items shipped by some other means, or to some other country, please use the Contact Page to make your request.

Return Policy

It is important to me that you be satisfied with your purchase.  If an item you purchased here turns out to be defective when you receive it, or completely not what you were expecting, you can return it for a full refund within three days of receiving it.  Your money will be refunded when I receive the item back.

Photoshoot Policy

If you are interested in using one or more of my pieces for a photoshoot, please submit your request via the Contact Page.  I am open in principle to the idea, provided I am given credit appropriately -- pictures I can use on the site are also always welcome!

Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to me.  Purchases made on this site go through PayPal for credit card processing.  You will see a link to PayPal's Privacy Policy when you make your purchase.  I myself never see any of your credit card information.

I do receive your name, shipping information and email address.  That information is all appropriately protected by me, and will never be provided to any third party for any reason.  Should this change, this policy will be modified accordingly.