In Living Colour!

Anyone with even a passing familiarity with my work, and certainly anyone who has ever cast their eye over my table at a con or faire, knows how much I love colour. It's true I use just silver (or rather, silver coloured anodized aluminum) for a fair number of pieces (e.g. the New Moon set) or just gold (e.g the Amira bracelet and anklet).

How to Chain Your Dragon

Of the various weaves that you can find at my table at a craft fair, one that invariably gets a lot of attention is Dragonscale. This is hardly surprising: it's a very striking and intricate weave! And many people wonder how on earth one makes something so complicated.

What's the Difference?

When I talk about the Amazon Chainmail Bikini Top, nothing attracts more skepticism, especially online, than my claim that it is comfortable to wear, without a lining. I don’t know how many times I have read, “That’s going to scratch!”. Or nip, or snag, scrape, gouge, etc. I do understand. A lot of chainmail bikini tops are not particularly well made and will do one or all of those things. Mine won’t.

Why is the Amazon?

One of the very first questions I was asked when I first started making chainmail jewellery was, “So are you going to make a chainmail bikini top?!” The person posing it knew me well enough that I didn’t have to respond with anything more than a sardonically raised eyebrow, but as time went on, that question kept coming back -- and half of the people asking it were women!

The Next Amazonian FAQ

Q: What’s this “Search for the Next Amazonian” about?
A: It is a contest to win a free, handmade, custom fitted Amazon Chainmail Bikini Top from Donald’s Eye Jewellery (a value of $350).

The Next Amazonian

Welcome to The Search for The Next Amazonian! 

Poster for The Search for the Next Amazonian

Concerning Amazons

The Amazon Chainmail Bikini Top (I’ll just call it the Amazon from now on) arose from two sources (cough). The first is the fact that ever since I started making chainmail, people have kept asking me, “so, when are you going to make a chainmail bikini top?” And a good half of said people have been women!

A New Year, and a New Contest!

Now that December has passed, I actually find myself with some time to sit back and write again -- the keyboard feels almost unfamiliar after all this time!

A prize for a name!

I recently learned a new weave, namely a way to combine several strands of what I market as the Amadeus family, into one chain. And I have to say it looks really cool -- I am attaching a couple of recent pictures of it. Only I am having a problem coming up with a name for it :-).

A Booth Appears

In which Donald's Eye Chainmail Jewellery makes its first appearance at a craft fair!
As long ago as last February, the lady who heads up the BC Renaissance Festival was suggesting strongly that she wou